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Caldera de vapor de gas y petróleo montada sobre patines

Steam capacity: 0.5-4Ton/h
Working Pressure: ≤1.6MPa
Fuel Type: Gas (natural gas, LPG, Biogas), light oil (2#diesel, Kerosene), heavy oil (6# fuel oil, crude oil)
Application: Textile, Garment, Food & Beverage, Cement Curing, Disinfection, etc.


Brief Introduction

Q/WNS series skid-mounted gas and oil fired boiler is a classical shell type boiler, contains boiler proper, burner, water level/ pressure control system, economizer, exhaust flue system, valves, etc. The complete system is completely mounted on the base; the user just connects the boiler with the water source, power, and fuel source.

Product Application

Textile, Garment, Food & Beverage, Chemical Industry, Cement Curing, Disinfection, etc.


Special Structure and High Efficiency: All system is well mounted on the base, its system is portable. The users do not need to consider the pipeline installation, wire connection. After receiving the goods, just supply water, electricity, fuel. It is equipped with renowned brand burners (BALTER, RIELLO, HOFAMAT, and ECOFLAM); also finned tube-type economizer can ensure boiler’s thermal efficiency up to 95%.

High-Quality Control: In manufacturing processes, we have adopting steel strength test, automatic steel cutting/ plate rolling/ welding, 100% x-ray welding check, magnetic particle check c-scan ultrasonography check, fluorescent penetrating check, hydraulic (water) pressure test, boiler thermal efficiency tested, to make sure all finished products are qualified.

Automatic Safe Operation: WNS series boiler is equipped with automatic burner ignition, automatic water-level control, automatic pressure control, automatic interlock chain stop protection, free settable working pressure, free settable ON/OFF time, visible system’s working states on screen.

Easy Maintenance: WNS series boiler uses full water back tube-sheets instead of traditional dry-back tube-sheet can avoid the dry-fire broken, and reduce the range of steel cooling contraction and hotting expansion. Also, we adopting openable smoke-boxes, users can replace the broken fire tubes conveniently.


Model Q/WNS0.3 Q/WNS0.5 Q/WNS0.7 Q/WNS1 Q/WNS1.5 Q/WNS2 Q/WNS3 Q/WNS4 Q/WNS5 Q/WNS6
Capacity kg of steam per hour 300 500 700 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
HP 20 32 45 64 96 128 192 256 320 384
Pressure Bar ≤7 ≤10 ≤10 ≤13 ≤13 ≤13 ≤13 ≤13 ≤13 ≤13
Steam Temperature ≤170 ≤184 ≤194 ≤194 ≤194 ≤194 ≤194 ≤194 ≤194 ≤194
Available Fuels / Gas (natural gas, lpg, biogas)
Light Oil (2# diesel, kerosene)
Heavy Fuel Oil (6# bunker C, fuel oil 380, fuel oil 180)
Thermal Efficiency % >92
Dimension L mm 4500 4500 6400 6400 6500 7000 7500 8600 10000 10000
W mm 1600 1630 1700 1750 1830 1830 2140 2140 2236 2300
H mm 2000 2000 2100 2250 2400 2500 2600 2700 2800 2800
Weight kg 4200 4600 5000 6000 7500 8500 10000 12000 16500 18500


skid mounted oil gas steam boiler 7

skid mounted oil gas steam boiler 8


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